What is a Blog?

A blog is a type of website where the contents are displayed in the reverse canonical order (newer content appears first). Each content post in the blog is called a “ blog post”.

A blog can be run by an individual or by an organization which is post in a conversational style. You can easily start your blog by using platforms like Blogger, WordPress which provides you the complete freedom to design your blog with different templates and design.

A fresh blog is more likely to get the attention of people and search engine. But it does not mean that…

There are two ways you can add an author box in the GeneratePress theme.

add author Box in GeneratePress theme
add author Box in GeneratePress theme

One is by using an external Plugin like a simple Author box and another is by using the Element module of the GeneratePress theme.

In this article, we will use the Element Module in the GeneratePress theme as it doesn’t require an additional plugin. You just need to add some custom HTML & CSS code inside the Element section.

Note: You can only use this trick if you have the Generatepress premium plugin installed on your WordPress website. …

Website owners can display interstitials and Popups on a temporary basis without being affected by the search Result, according to Google’s John Mueller.

How Display Popups affect the SEO of a website
How Display Popups affect the SEO of a website

Do you know? The intrusive mobile interstitial penalty launched by Google in 2017 where websites may penalize in the search result? This penalty only impacts intrusive interstitials that happen directly after going from a Google mobile search result to a specific page.

Now Google’s john Mueller clarifies that sites can display pop-ups without being affected by the mobile interstitials penalty, as long as the pop-ups are temporary.

It means that the site owner can display popups on…

Before building a website you must know what is domain and hosting. In this post, we will discuss the complete history of the domain name and hosting and how to connect them to build a website easily.

what is a Domain name?

A domain name is the address of a website that people type in the browser URL bar to connect to that website. It helps users to enter into a specific website directly by typing the specific URL of that website.

For example Domain name of our website iskey2blogging.com

Every website on the internet has a complex IP address (e.g. that is linked…

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